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“Ichiban” means Number One! and that’s what the brewers at Kirin had in mind when they created Kirin Ichiban.  Since its introduction in 1990, Kirin Ichiban has become one of Japan’s most acclaimed and best selling beers, and a favorite of beer lovers across North America. It is made with a luxurious single wort (or first press) brewing process which extracts only the purest, most flavorful portion of the finest ingredients.  When combined with its new all malt formula, the result is a distinctively smooth, clean, and full-bodied beer—yet with none of the bitter aftertaste one would expect from a beer with this much flavor.

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Kirin Ichiban

Kirin IchibanABV: 4.9%

Single wort brewing process.  All malt formula using only the finest two-row barley malt.  European noble hops.  A distinctively rich flavor, smooth finish, no bitter aftertaste.

The Legend Of The Kirin Beast:
The Kirin Beast is a mythical creature that’s half dragon and half deer with the tail of an ox. Known throughout various East Asian cultures, the beast is considered a good omen bringing serenity and prosperity wherever it goes. It is often depicted covered in flames.