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New Tallgrass Website Just Launched

Tallgrass Brewing Company

Tallgrass just launched their newly redesigned website.  If you haven’t checked it out yet I highly recommend doing so.  Its very clean and easy to navigate.  The bouncing cans as the top is our favorite part!  The Beer section has a lot of great info about the beers if you need more details, and the Beer Finder is new and improved as well.  If you frequent the Manhattan, KS area they have a great Tours/Events section.  Here they have listed their tour schedules and lots of great events that they participate in.

Click HERE to jump to the site or click the pic below.

Tallgrass Brewing Company

As always check back to MidKansasBeer to keep updated on all the beers we distribute.  We try to keep the content fresh so you can always find something new.